Join us in rejoicing with our Sisters in Papua New Guinea as they celebrate the installation of Sister Mary Lilian as the new delegation superior this weekend.  Sister has been with our community since 1992 and has served most recently with the local radio station. We ask Mary, Queen of Apostles, to intercede for her and for all of our sisters as they proclaim God’s goodness and provident care to the people of Papua New Guinea. See Sr. Mary Lilian now!

Welcome to our new Sisters of Notre Dame Express blog!  We hope to use this blog as another forum for a mutual sharing of reflections on daily life.  We look forward to hearing your comments and responses.

 Mary certainly witnessed a vibrant friendship in her relationship with Elizabeth at the Visitation. They joyfully recognized and affirmed the life of the Spirit in one another.

 As we celebrate the feasts of Sts. Timothy and Titus today, I’m reminded of the great gift of friends and colleagues in our journey of faith.  Both of these saints were among the early Christians who worked closely with St. Paul. Paul instructed them in the faith and served as an encouragement to them as they helped to spread the Gospel. He recognized the unique gifts they brought to ministry and sought to nurture these gifts. They, in turn, were a support to Paul in his ministry and carried on his teaching.

 True friends are often the ones who recognize our gifts and strengths and encourage us to develop these areas of our lives.  They offer us support when things aren’t going so well and they provide us with the example that gives us something to work toward.  I once read an article that spoke of how friends influence our desires. Friends have a way of helping us grow in our relationship with God through their words and their example. 

I’m certainly grateful for those people in my life who have influenced my desire for God. Perhaps today is a good day to thank God for the friends and companions who have been part of our journey.  ~ Sr. Marilyn Marie