Dove Chocolate Hearts!

January 30th, 2014 | Posted by Sr. Susan Maria Kusz in Uncategorized

Did you ever eat one of those Dove chocolate hearts?  Do you read the little snippets of “love advice” on the inside of the foil wrappers?  A retreatant or a visiting director from last weekend’s directed prayer experience must have gifted us with a bowl full of these hearts, wrapped in red and silver, looking ahead to February 14.  Hungry, I filched one from the bowl yesterday as I passed through the hall.  I carefully unwrapped it, not wanting to miss my “love advice” for the day!  Here’s what it said:  “Savor small romantic moments.”  Hmmmm!  I began to think about my prayer each morning.  When has it last felt truly intimate?  When in my day have I felt the nearness of God?  When have I met Jesus in my days recently?  Good questions to ask!  Think about the last time you felt a little romance with your God!  Maybe it’s time to turn up the heat! Spend a little extra time in prayer and meditation, a little extra “paying attention” to notice God’s presence in your day!  Heed the “love advice” — savor those small romantic moments!Dove choc wrapper

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