Family is a blessing

April 24th, 2014 | Posted by Sr. Mary Valerie Schneider in Uncategorized

bday_artToday is my youngest sister’s birthday. She and her husband have great plans to celebrate together without other family members, but she is very much in my thought and prayer. Sometimes people think that Sisters have given up their families.  In some ways that’s true. We do place our religious community first in many ways; for example, we spend holidays like Christmas and Easter with other Sisters of Notre Dame. Probably any Sister of Notre Dame was a hostess or guest at another convent this past Sunday. But attachment and care for our families rank high in our ministry. We visit, phone, e-mail and pay attention to Facebook. We help when a sick family member needs a care-giver. We attend anniversary and birthday parties; in turn, our families attend our jubilee celebrations of religious profession. Sometimes we vacation together. We are very blessed to have family.

Has it been a while since you’ve told a family member of your love or gratitude?

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