In Praise of Buzzing Things

July 1st, 2015 | Posted by Sr. Mary Valerie Schneider in Uncategorized

Thank you, God, for buzzing things,

For humming things, for chirping things,

For crocuses, first cheery signs of spring.

For irises purpling the drive,

For perennials on cue opening wide,

strawFor colors that flaunt in unabashed pride,

For strawberries scenting the sky,

For vines that furtively pry,

For white daffodils so shy,

For the daisy, the “day’s eye,”

For creation buzzing, croaking, singing,

Crawling, slinking, winging,

For people of every race and nation,

For Christ, the Lord of all creation,

Praise, O God, and endless thanksgiving

In your Spirit, the power of all that’s living.


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