Keep Your Eyes Open!

October 30th, 2013 | Posted by Sr. Susan Maria Kusz in Uncategorized

A heart-stopping moment:  I was driving home from the Jesuit Center the other day when a large deer darted right in front of the car.  Awesome!

A heart-expanding moment:  I was praying Monday morning when I looked out across the newly harvested cornfield and witnessed a very BIG buck leap across the field, antlers held high.  Awesome!

Two events, awesome in their own way.  What is it about deer that lure us into observing creation with a more careful and contemplative eye?

So much of God’s creation we take for granted.  As fall continues to unfold before our very eyes in the splendor and majesty of color … in the animals seeking food before winter approaches … in the whispers of wind and colder breezes … let’s be attentive.  Look … listen … smell … taste … feel … in a word:  SAVOR.  Beauty is everywhere!

Where will you discover God’s beauty anew this day?P5110054

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