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December 13th, 2012 | Posted by Sr. Marilyn Marie in Uncategorized

Today the Church sets before us the witness of one of the early virgins and martyrs – St. Lucy.  Many stories and legends surround this Saint, but in some way all remind us of her joyful fidelity in encounter with suffering. St. Lucy was truly “light” for others. We’ve often heard that the eyes are the windows of the soul; I picture St. Lucy as one whose eyes mirrored the joy in her soul.

Somehow each of us is called to see with the eyes of God rather than the eyes of selfishness and sin.  I think of how Jesus saw not a short, obnoxious tax collector but a curious seeker of God.  Rather than an unclean woman afflicted with a hemorrhage, he was able to see one who longed for healing and life.  His vision of an impetuous fisherman enabled that same fisherman to one day lead the Church.

Our view of others has great powers of transformation. Our call on this Advent feast is to lighten our world by seeing others as God sees them, by allowing our vision to transform, and by joyfully seeing all that we encounter as gifts of God.

Who will your vision bless this day?

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