January 3rd, 2013 | Posted by Sr. Marilyn Marie in Uncategorized

Wow!  This is what I find myself saying today as we celebrate with our dear Sister Mary Clarone her 80th jubilee of profession.  That’s right, I said 80!  Eighty years of commitment to a vocation as a Sister of Notre Dame!  Wow!

Sister Mary Clarone has done some pretty amazing things over these 80 years, but I am most grateful for her generous and faithful response to a call that God planted deep in her heart so many years ago.  Our celebration today is more about who she is and who God is than what she has done.  She lives so well our charism of a deep experience of God’s goodness and provident care.  She could not have known 80 years ago where her response would take her, but she did know and trust that God would be with her every step of the way.

So, today we celebrate with you, Sister Mary Clarone and rejoice in your life that proclaims “God is good. God is very, very good!”

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