“You prepare a table before me….”

September 26th, 2012 | Posted by Sr. Susan Maria Kusz in Uncategorized

This morning I sat with Psalm 23.  It’s a familiar one to all of us, a psalm of comfort.  “The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want.”  Most of us could recite much of it by heart.  Today what struck me was the line “You prepare a table before me.”  The first tables I thought of were the Eucharistic table and the tables at which we are fed and nourished as families, as communities.  But another thought came to me:  “What are all the other tables prepared for me today?”

As evening comes, I reflect on these tables of grace where I was fed and nourished:  at the Eucharist … at lunchtime when we celebrated a retreatant’s 86th birthday … sharing some McDonald’s gift cards with a homeless man and receiving his hug in return … answering the phone and receiving good news about the health of one of our aged monks … speaking with a future monastery guest and discovering we have a friend in common … feeling grateful for someone listening to my story … feasting my eyes on a double rainbow before supper … and assuredly countless more!  Indeed, I shall not want!

What tables were prepared for you today?

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